Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yo I'm so Zonked from skiing all day today and avoiding second impact syndrome. OOOYEA I got my Holga Lomo camera in a couple weeks ago and have been shooting like crazy. But I just managed to bring my first roll to Henry's to get it developed (its special film that Walmart can't develop) so they tell me its gonna take a week to get them developed cause they have to send them out. But I just started shooting a roll of normal film. so hopefully I'll have some examples to show you next post.

And for all you people concerned about my sanity from the last time I'm feeling a lot better since the Anger Post.

So today I'm skipping the Band and talking about a very cool Canadian music site where you can download free music legally which is awesome if your trying to walk the straight and narrow. Yea really it's so sick especially if you like a lot of verity and indie music. I just have the Itunes Podcast and I have already gotten over 100 free songs and they download automatically when I start Itunes. But like I you get a variety and it is mostly Indie (so super unknown bands) But its all genres so you have to pretty much like everything or delete what you don't. Yea that's it for today.

I Love this picture I took in the morning on a ferry to Vancouver Island
I'm stuck in the Dark looking out upon the Sunrise that will soon come.

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