Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello just profiling my favorite rap group today, The amazing FLOBOTS. I first heard of the Flobots from my friend Craig at the first listen I wasn't impressed to much then I started listening to them again while I was Mowing the lawn (One of the best places to listen to music if you have good headphones that is) I listened to the song, Stand Up and it was an instant hit for me. Now I love the whole album it's amazing, and I totally can't wait to get my hands on the new album out this spring!

Now for some backround. The Flobots started in 2000 by lead Johnny 5 which teamed up with Farhad Ebrahimi(YahKtoe) released their first album Onomatopeia, Johnny 5 then went on to meat an team up with all the current members of the Flobots dropping YahKtoe along the way. they have released 2 complete albums to date and are working on a third due this spring.

The album I have, Fight with Tools. Its amazing all the songs I love it.

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