Saturday, January 2, 2010

LIfe on the Edge = Failed New Years Resolutions

Yes I already failed, I missed posting yesterday apparently only 65% of new years resolutions are a success. My excuse is life on the EDGE

Actually I've just been really busy. Its the holidays so I have been skiing every night.

Usually I leave at around 3 and get to the hill by 4 and ski till 10 get home by 11 stay up till 2am sleep in till 1pm then repeat. Between making a lunch and getting my stuff together that doesn't leave much time for Blogging.

These clowns go under the name Wintersleep. Formed in 2001 the Canadian Indie Rockers from Halifax, Nova Scotia,In 2008 Wintersleep released their third full length studio album, Welcome to the Night Sky, and promptly won a Juno for New Group of the year. Songs to check out are, Search Party and Weighty Ghost. The full Album contains some more heavy hitters and is defiantly worth buying.

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