Thursday, December 31, 2009

NeW years eve and the Paper Tongues

Snowblowers are amazing. watching my dad snow blow the rink this morning I got to wondering on who invented the snowblower and how long ago was it invented? Apparently the snowblower was invented in 1929 by a Canadian inventor, named Arthur Sicard. He designed it to clear the snow off railway tracks.

The first snowblower he ever sold was the "Sicard Snow Remover Snowblower" to the nearby town of Outremont, Quebec.

Soooooo tonight is new years eve and I'm going skiing until ten then coming home and celebrating with my family and some friends. My new years resolution is to post on this blog once a day for the entire year!. Now on to the Paper Tongues

The Paper Tongues are a Rock/Hip Hop group from Charlotte NC. I first heard them when I was on a road trip in California. I promptly bought their Hit single Ride to California and have been a fan ever since. I picked up their EP at a concert in Toronto, It is amazing every song on it is great.

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